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Innovate. Simplify.

Sharing your dreams
Delivering your commitments

To Adapt is to create
To Innovate is to grow
To Simplify is to deliver

Every word in our mission statement calls for action with zero ambiguity. We not only believe that financial services should be equally available to every Indian, we make it happen.

Ramesh Panicker (RP)

Founder & CEO


Motto - Change the market paradigm to serve the common man.

Our customer is the kirana shopkeeper, the new age entrepreneur, the middle-class parent aiming for a better education for their child, the woman who wants to do business - the everyday people of India whose aspirations might be overlooked by the mainstream financial sector. These everyday people, their dreams and their spending habits will define the future of our country's economy. My job is simple - facilitate their prosperity by giving them the best possible loans.

For me, Retra is like a marathon. It’s not 42-kilometres one time, but 1-kilometre fourty-two times. The efficiency with which we perform and navigate each kilometre helps us push through the next one with ease. I strive to build the best team, full of people who can tell me what to do, and not the other way around. That way all we have to do to achieve our vision is adopt a culture of quality and efficiency while keeping the customer at the center of it all. That is how we ensure each customer has the best experience, every time. Every evening when I leave the office, I ask myself - How did we perform today? Can we aim for a better kilometre tomorrow?

With more than 30 years of experience in the financial and Technology sector, Ramesh is an avid marathoner, a passionate golfer, a budding triathlete and frequent blogger on management thinking

Subhra Datta

Chief Analytics Officer


Motto - When our customer wins, we win.

At Retra we help customers make the most profitable decisions for themselves. We use AI and digital processing formats to personalize each loan journey.

While doing so, we guide the customer with information regarding best repayment methods, flexible loan schemes and early warning tips to avoid defaults. I believe prevention is better than cure, and that using a data-driven approach can effortlessly make our customers more financially responsible. This helps them avoid escalation of interest as well as educate those around them on how to borrow better. Decision is a science and we simply apply the science to service the customer.

Subhra has spent many hours tutoring children for their exams in the lower income group who cannot afford after-school tuitions. As a PhD, he also mentors budding data scientists.


















Our goal is to serve 1 million customers by 2025

Retra stands for a shifting paradigm. A new standard for lending, encompassing sustainable practices that apply to everybody and not just the connected few. Our philosophy is inclusion and our strength lies with our members and community. Retraites are custodians of this philosophy, breeding a culture that allows us to accompany you into a brighter future.